Our Story

Welcome! We are Keegan and Leanne, the dynamic duo behind Duo Delights! We were both self-employed Personal Trainers (ironic, we know!) until gyms were forced to close due to Covid-19 in 2020. Unfortunately we hadn't been self-employed for long enough to qualify for any grants, meaning our income came to an abrupt halt.

We have always loved baking and gifting our family members with treat boxes so, after some discussion during the first lockdown, we decided to create Duo Delights® and share our delicious treats with the local area!

We never anticipated the meteoric growth of our business! Initially, we juggled orders in a tiny kitchen, equipped with just a single oven and brownie tin😅 Frequent dashes to the store and round-the-clock work were our norms.

After a few months, we moved to our own home, which Duo Delights swiftly overtook. The 'dining room' transformed into our production hub, kitted with three ovens, two industrial mixers, and shelves brimming with ingredients. Even our lounge and kitchen were stock-filled! During this period, we launched on Just Eat, achieving an outstanding 200+ perfect reviews⭐ These early days, while mentally taxing and all-consuming, were relatable for many entrepreneurs. Sacrifices were made, personal time neglected, but we were driven by a vision for our business.

Our big leap came with converting our garage into a kitchen unit, complete with additional ovens and mixers. This expansion enabled us to attend more markets and collaborate with other businesses, for which we're incredibly thankful. In January 2022, we made the bold move to close our Just Eat shop, focusing exclusively on website orders and UK wide delivery. This risk paid off wonderfully, and we've never looked back!

Fast forward to today, and we operate from a vast industrial unit in Frimley. It's a baker's dream with eight ovens, a giant 260L mixer, a chocolate tempering machine and plenty of workspace. With ample space, we finally have room to breathe and expand. Our team now includes four fantastic staff members, and we're excited to grow further. The unwavering support of our family, friends, and customers has been a constant source of motivation.

Our vision for Duo Delights is grand, and we're fully committed to making it a reality. Thank you for being a part of our journey and supporting us through operation GROW!🥳

Thank you for taking the time to read our story 🩷